Through the use of plastic, the average passenger car has lost 145 pounds since 1988. The lighter weight translates to better fuel efficiency and has saved approximately 21 million barrels of oil.

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In 1977, Michael moved to the Bayshore area of New Jersey and settled in Keyport. Michael Reedy held a Comprehensive Science Degree from Ashland College and completed graduate work at St. Johns University and The Ohio State University. He was a board member of the SPI, SPE (Foams Division) and Alliance of Plastic Processors. Michael participated in the United Nations Development Program on phasing out the use of CFCs in developing nations. In 1989, Michael founded Reedy Chemical Foam to provide sophisticated and environmentally responsible additives to the thermoplastic industry. Marketed under the SAFOAM® and SAFTEC® brand, the endothermic nucleating and foaming agents are widely used to improve plastic processing efficiency while enhancing surface appearance and important physical properties. Produced from naturally occurring materials, SAFOAM® and SAFTEC® products are non toxic and both environmentally friendly and inherently safe to use. They are designed to meet current and future global emission requirements by replacing CFCs and HCFCs in the production of many foam products.

Michael had developed a number of new additive products and held both U.S. and international patents in the areas of composition of matter and processes for producing polystyrene foams with CO2 and nitrogen independently or in combination with other gases. Current research involves chemical foam assist technology and the role of supercritical CO2 on improving polymer melt flow characteristics, reducing cycle time, and lowering internal part stresses. Development work is also being conducted on new nucleating and foaming agents involving studying the effects of particle size and distribution, encapsulated materials, new surfactants on microcellular foams, and stabilizers for wood/plastic composite materials. Several new additives are in the final stages of development and will offer improvements in materials performance and processing competitiveness. New patents in this field have recently been filed. Michael is predeceased by his parents, Richard Eugene and Rita Lucille (Compton) Reedy.

He is survived by his beloved wife of 28 years (June 29, 1985), Anne Marie (Thormo) Reedy, his loving children, Elena Marie Miller and her husband Michael D. of Lake Wylie, South Carolina, Peter Kenneth Schroeck and his wife Sarah of Charlotte, North Carolina, Bryan Anthony Burgess of Charlotte, North Carolina, Kristen Ashley Reedy of Charlotte, North Carolina, his dear brothers, Richard Reedy Jr. and his wife Margaret of Laguna Beach, California, Rodger Dennis Reedy and his wife Cathy of Hilliard, Ohio, along with his cherished grandchildren, Bobby Miller, Simon Peter Schroeck, Rachel Ashley Schroeck, Natelie Reedy-Ferry and Juliette Burgess.

He will be sadly missed, but never forgotten.