A Du Pont chemist name Roy Plunkett discovered teflon by accident in 1938. During the war, it was used in gaseous-diffusion processes to refine uranium for the atomic bomb, as the process was highly corrosive. By the early 1960s, teflon "non-stick" frying pans were a hot consumer item.

Distributed Products

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In an effort to offer complete solutions, Reedy is proud to offer the next wave in ultramodern thermoplastic processing.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers. Over the years, Reedy has built solid relationships with companies to provide an array of products that supplement and enhance the benefits of using SAFOAM®. Working closely with these companies, we have gained knowledge and experience in how these products work and how they can improve your overall programs. Our technical staff is ready to assist you with your individual requirements with information and advice.

Purging Agents

Reedy offers purging agents for resin and color changes.

Process Equipment

Screws, Dies and complete extrusion lines, see more from our partners…