Over 35% of the polyester carpet made and sold in the United States contains PET plastic. It takes 35 PET plastic bottles to make one square yard of polyester carpet.

Purging Agents

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EasyPurge APC

  • EASYPURGE APC is a concentrated emulsion purge compound.
  • It is specially designed to clean screws, nozzles, hot runners, molds and carbon residual from extruders' heads, eliminating deposits and incrustations.
  • Highly effective with color and resin changes, including all thermoplastics such as: ABS, PA, PET, PS, PMMA, PC, SAN, PVC, EVA, PU, TR, PBT, PPO, PPS, PPA, PP, PE, etc.
  • EASYPURGE APC is emission free, odorless, non-toxic and contains no solvents or abrasives.
  • EASYPURGE APC components are listed in ” indirect additive used in food contact” or classified as “GRAS” by the FDA and are identified in the TSCA and REACH inventory list.

Barrel Clean

  1. Significantly saves time and plastic material for barrel cleaning.
  2. Highly effective in purging colors. Quickly and completely removes various kinds of organic and inorganic color pigments adhering to the steel surface of barrel and screw.
  3. The ability to dissolve and wash out organic colors on steel surfaces further accelerates the cleaning process.
  4. With its “gentle grinding” feature, the High Efficiency Purging Compound does not harm the screw and barrel even while removing stains from the steel surface completely.
  5. A neutral, non-acidic cleaning agent, which is non-corrosive for screws and barrels.
  6. The purging agent does not affect the resin’s molecular structure, which means resin used for cleaning can be recycled.
  7. Odorless, non-toxic and free of heavy metals. Long shelf life without deterioration in quality.
  8. Cost effective. Small packaging (50g) enables dosage control.