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SAFTEC advanced additive solutions are growing line of products designed to complement our full line of Chemical Foaming agents. They can work with or without our CFA’s but work best when used in conjunction with them. Each product has distinct performance advantages that can enhance productivity and improve finished goods.

With benefits like moisture rejection, melt strength enhancement, friction reduction and potential for increased levels of wood in WPC, our SAFTEC line meets a wide range of needs to provide you will value-added solutions.

SAFTEC© AS Used to remove degradation by-products, increase compatibility of composite fillers & additives and extend product lifetime. Excellent PVC co-stabilizer; combats FR discoloration in engineering resins.

SAFTEC© RB Line of melt strength enhancers form an ionic bond to increase viscosity in PE, PP virgin resins. Chain extenders for PET & Nylon create a physical bond and are ideal for recycled post-consumer and post-industrial regrind.

SAFTEC© ST Surface modifiers for enhanced wetting; reduced friction; water repellency; and for open cell foam. Prevents electrostatic buildup in Nylon, PE, PS, etc.

SAFTEC© Slip Slip additive for polyolefins. Functions by migrating to the surface where it exerts a lubricating effect. It provides excellent slip properties in typical molding applications for easy part removal.

Which product is right for you?

Not sure about what you need? The products listed demonstrate a general capability, but each case is individual. Call us for help on your specific project and we'll be sure to get you the right product to help you achieve your goals.