Plastics play a significant role in the building and construction industry. In fact, the industry is the second largest consumer of plastic, followed only by the packaging industry.

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Our Approach

Our Value / Our Approach

We don't just sell products; we sell technology. When you choose Reedy, you are getting personalized customer service, technical expertise, and access to a library of knowledge. From start to finish, we believe in building relationships.

1 :  Resin Companies

We work with resin companies to get a better understanding of the resins that are available, their benefits, and how they pertain to foamability. We take time to research and test those resins that provide added value as a carrier system for our products. We also work to find ideal foam-friendly resins for our customers and are often recommended by major resin companies as the foam of choice.

2 :  Equipment Manufacturers

We have strong relationships with many equipment manufacturers producing machinery, dies, screws, nozzles, feeders, mixers, etc. We can connect you with those who will understand your unique goals.

3 :  Processors

We work very closely with processors to identify and develop clear objectives, and then help achieve those objectives. When you buy from Reedy, we provide courteous and timely attention via telephone or on-site technical service.

This approach and our attention to the smallest details is what makes Reedy different. Your success is our success.