46 plastics collection programs were added to U.S. communities in 2009.

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Why Reedy?

Our Value / Why Reedy?

ROI Focused

Speak to our distributors (click here for a complete list), ask around the industry, and/or talk to molders. Call our Marketing/Customer service team and tell them about your application and what your goals are and they will help select the appropriate product for you. Feel free to ask questions regarding our products to ensure successful trials. Finally, go ahead and try a sample and see the results for yourself. Our experienced technical sales reps are available to assist with your trial(s) as an added service. We will then provide you with a cost calculation so you can see the savings for yourself.

ISO 9001 Compliant

Reedy International produces advanced thermoplastic additives including nucleating and foaming agents for the plastic industry. We strive to be a quality product that adheres to ISO-9001:2008 standards. "It is our mission to provide our customers with quality products and innovative solutions according to the most current technology, safety standards, and regulations; we back that promise with integrity, experience and commitment to the needs of our customers." We strive to meet 100% of our customer's quality demands and to completely satisfy the organizational goals of efficiency and "on time" deliveries.

Our additives are tested batch to batch for total gas yield, pellet count, moisture, bulk density, appearance, and odor. We also do extensive testing on all incoming raw materials used in our formulations.

Exacting Standards

The individual ingredients used in the production of our SAFOAM® product line fall under the requirements of 21 CFR 184 – Direct Food Substances Affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). According to our information, all ingredients used in the formulation meet their respective FDA regulations; 21 C.F.R. 184.1736, 176.170, 180, 181.29, 172.854, 182.1217, 182.90, 172.480, 172.230 and 177.1520.