More than 20,000 U.S. facilities produce plastic materials, products and equipment.

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Our Value

Our Value / Overview

Reedy International Corporation can add value to your business. When you buy from Reedy, you have access to our network of resources, including our vast technical library and our strategic partners in order to help you with your process and market goals.

We feel that strategic partnerships are an essential part of the big picture. These partnerships help to optimize your process by giving you the tools and contacts to achieve your goals; those goals that are defined and those you have yet to imagine…

Our Approach?

We don't just sell products – we sell technology. You are getting personalized customer service, technical expertise, and access to a library of knowledge.

Technical Support & Customer Services

Whether you are new to foaming or an experienced pro, we're happy to talk to you. We back our products with technical support. Each program is different and can benefit from one-on-one help, whether by phone, email or when merited, on-site assistance.


Our products provide major benefits to users considering foam in their process. In Injection Molding, you could see weight reduction of 5-25%, depending on wall-thickness. Cycle time might be 40% faster. Widely used in transportation industries to reduce weight, it can also help improve acoustic and thermal insulation, part stiffness and dimensional stability. Our products can be used to supplement gas-assist and/or gas counterpressure processes. In extrusion, our products provide major weight reductions, small, uniform cell structures and a printable surface finish. We are recommended by most U.S. resin companies for use in the food packaging, automotive, consumer electronics, building & construction, footwear, industrial, medical, sporting goods industries and more.

Case Studies

This injection molder needed SAFOAM® to reduce cost on a make-up compact. Let us show you how we did it.


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