Innovative technology and special plastic lenses used in today's LEDs means that they are twice as bright as conventional types using the same amount of energy!

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Technical Services

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Reedy Chemical Foam's core business is chemical foaming and nucleating agents. We offer superior service, with a team that is able to provide timely technical assistance and sales support to our customers and distributors.

Chemical foam is not a new technology, but is often not used to its full potential. Training can be arranged for individuals or groups, in the conference room or on the production line. Of course, a Reedy agent is always available by phone.

In line with ISO standards, each member of the Reedy team receives ongoing training throughout the year. This keeps up at the top of our game and allows us to serve you better. We hope our experience, education and commitment to the future of plastics combine to bring you a fresh perspective.

Call 980-819-6930 and speak to Peter Schroeck for more details about our Technical Services.